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About Us

Fountain of Juice serves delicious fresh juice, smoothie products, coffee drinks, and acai bowls. The journey to provide communities the gift of improved health and wellness through a positive food choice menu began in 2014 when local St. Cloud owner, Laura Akre, decided to purchase a food truck. They wanted to share the benefits of fresh, raw, organic, local foods with the community. Many individuals have food allergies and sensitivities or follow a strict diet, and when they go to a festival or market, they don’t have any food options. Fountain of Juice aims to change that.

The good news? Fresh, clean juice and smoothies are helping others, too. Community members have begun to rely on the benefits of juice and have seen tremendous improvement in their health, whether it’s an improvement in bloodwork, increased energy, or fewer symptoms of a chronic illness. Food is medicine, and sometimes the body needs a rest. Smoothies and juice provide the body sustenance that is easy to digest so your system can focus on healing the rest of the body.

Fresh, raw ingredients provide better flavor and more nutrients, while organic fruits and vegetables have no growth hormones or pesticides. Consuming local food not only reduces environmental impact and helps the local economy, it also provides you with a product that your system is accustomed to because it is grown in your environment. Fountain of Juice also makes their own milk alternatives, which means their products are never heated and there are no added preservatives. With every sip, you know exactly what you’re getting: nuts, water, and live nutrients—the good stuff.

Fountain of Juice has a great flavor for everyone’s unique tastes. Whether you love fruits or veggies, they have a recipe that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. They can even add boba balls to smoothies and juice to add a little extra fun, or an extra ingredient or two for a boost of nutrients and flavor.
Fountain of Juice is proud to travel the whole state of Minnesota, bringing nutritious options to the health conscious and those looking for a healthier alternative. They also take special orders. Stay tuned for the new location opening in Crossroads Center in fall 2019!

Fountain of Juice is your healthy mobile concession option when you are enjoying yourself at local outdoor events.



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