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Are you looking to add an extra boost to your juice? Whether you’re looking to enhance your immunity, control your blood sugar, or fight inflammation, these simple ingredients have healing powers you’ll want to take advantage of.


There’s a reason turmeric has popped up in the last few years as a superfood. Its amazing anti-inflammatory properties (due to its abundance of curcumin) have shown to fight cardiovascular disease and cancer. It has even shown promise in fighting diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, which speeds aging. If you can get it fresh—great—if not, the powdered form works too. Check your local health food store—more and more stores are being to sell fresh turmeric root.


If you’re suffering from nausea or any sort of intestinal distress, consider adding a zest or two of ginger to your juice in the morning. It can also help relieve arthritis symptoms. Powdered ginger works just fine, but because fresh ginger has active enzymes, it might prove to have better effects on you.


Almost everyone has cinnamon lying around in their cupboard. Not only is it a delicious addition to juice, it can help control blood sugar levels and lower bad cholesterol. Because it is so high in antioxidants—the highest among spices, in fact—it can help fight against free radical damage that causes premature aging. 

If you’re looking for even more of a boost, add chia seeds or flax seeds to your juice. You’ll get the most out of these ingredients if you ensure you’re buying fresh, local, raw, and organic.