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If you’ve heard a lot about cold-pressed juice but you’re not familiar with what it is, you’ve come to the right place. Sure, it’s been around for decades, but in the last several years it has gained popularity, due in large part to the health food craze and its endorsement from celebrities and social media influencers. Cold pressed juice is exactly what it sounds like: raw fruits and vegetables are put under extreme pressure to extract their juices.

It’s estimated that approximately 90% of adults don’t get the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables that they require each day. That’s where cold pressed juice can be a beneficial part of a person’s diet. One of the great things about cold pressed juice (when purchased, as opposed to doing it yourself) is that it’s convenient. One of the reasons people don’t always get enough fruits and vegetables in their diets is for lack of convenience. With a cold pressed juice, the necessary vitamins and minerals are packaged right there for you. There are strict rules for bottling cold pressed juices in order to protect against the spread of bacteria, so you can sip safely. 

There are several methods for making cold pressed juice, but the important thing is that most nutrients and minerals are extracted into concentrated juice form. Delicious juices are crafted using a unique blend of fruits and vegetables. Fruits, vegetables, and spices such as ginger and turmeric are usually chosen and blended together to provide specific health benefits. For instance, one juice blend may be crafted to boost immunity, while another may be an energy booster.  

Drinking cold pressed juice has numerous health benefits, especially because you are able to absorb a large amount of highly concentrated vitamins, minerals, and enzymes all at once. Due to its healing properties, and ability to customize the nutrients based on your ailment, cold press juice is consumed for a variety of reasons, including to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, boost immunity or energy, prevent cancer, and cleanse the system. Cold pressed juice also has great anti-inflammatory benefits. You’ll also give your digestive system a chance to rest. Because juicing fruits and vegetables essentially “pre-digests” your food for you, the nutrients are easily absorbed into your digestive system. This is especially beneficial for those with nutrient malabsorption problems due to different conditions like colitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), or diverticulitis. The juice will keep you hydrated, too. 

Be sure you make cold press juice a healthy part of your diet. As with anything, you don’t want to overconsume it. It should also not replace all of your daily meals. There are necessary vitamins and minerals that you need from other foods as well.