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There are a slew of diets popular now that rely solely on using raw ingredients. Why should you use raw ingredients? What are the benefits?

The idea behind following a raw diet or consuming raw ingredients as much as possible is that heating food destroys some of the nutrients and natural enzymes. By not heating/cooking your food, you keep more of the good nutrients and enzymes that not only improve digestion, but can help you fight some chronic diseases. Some individuals go so far as to say that cooking food makes it toxic. Following a raw food diet can have many health benefits. For instance, many individuals experience fewer headaches and allergy symptoms. Their immunity and memory can improve, and conditions such as arthritis and diabetes improve too.

Raw foods consist of organic foods that are not only uncooked, but unprocessed. Think fresh fruits and vegetables as well as raw nuts and seeds. Dairy can be consumed if it is unpasteurized. The same goes for eggs. Eating meat and fish becomes difficult, as food can’t go above 118 degrees. Food can be a little warm, but once it reaches 118 degrees, it will start killing those good nutrients. This is why people following a strictly raw food diet often don’t consume any animal products. Oftentimes, food is prepared using a blender, food processor, or food dehydrator. 

A raw food diet can be difficult to follow. Eating out can feel virtually impossible, and you may need to go to specialty grocery stores. That is why many individuals don’t follow a strictly raw diet, and instead opt for raw ingredients as much as possible. For instance, rely on raw ingredients in your morning smoothie or juice, your afternoon snacks, and a few meals per week.

Choosing raw ingredients as frequently as you can will provide you a whole list of benefits. Not only will you be more focused on consuming more fruits and vegetables, you’ll be consuming less sodium and fatty processed foods, so you can lower your risks for dangerous health conditions like stroke and heart disease. Consuming raw foods more frequently is also a great way to control weight.

Fountain of Juice only uses raw, nutrient-rich ingredients, so you can always count on the healthiest juices and smoothies.